Jamie Soule Memorial Park Update

After consulting with family and friends of Jamie, the dedication of the park will not occur until the spring or summer of 2020. To inform everyone of what has transpired over the past few months and to provide an account of what is happening with the donations, below is a brief outline of the steps that have been taken so far in the creation of the Jamie Soule Memorial Park.

Between consulting with parties close to Jamie, research, travel, planning and actual labour, an estimate of the time spent so far on this project is more than 150 hours.

At the site: The holes have been prepped for the structure that will support the sign. The components of the structure (heavy timbers) are 80% complete. We are waiting for a preservative for the posts that should be here this week. We expect that by the end of next week the structure will be erected, secured, and stained. At that point it will only need a roofing material and some landscaping around the base.

The sign itself: The cedar (3x8s) have been purchased, prepped, and assembled to create a 2 ¾” thick blank that is 35” x 60” in size using about 60 biscuit joints, outdoor glue, and three through-bolted pieces of ready rod. The sign is sanded (up to 600 grit) and ready for the application of “the resist”.

The design: We have accumulated what we think should be all the design elements that will be incorporated in the sign. This included consultations with, and revisions from Jamie’s family and friends. We feel that Jamie’s wife should have the final say regarding the images, text and their layout. Once the layout is decided, the process should move along quickly. It will involve transferring the image silhouettes to the resist and applying the resist to the blank. Then comes the sandblasting, finishing and insertion into the structure.

There is also some work being done to create a new driveway for entrance into the park.

At this point, approximately $650.00 has been spent on supplies. The rest of the money donated, will remain in an interest bearing account until it is required.

If anyone has any further questions regarding the Memorial Park, you can email me at webmaster@amcsbc.ca and I will forward them to the appropriate party.

Peter Humphrey

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