Market on the Mountain Thank you

Hi Anarchist Mountain neighbours, 

I wanted to thank you all for supporting Market on the Mountain again this year.  It was a wonderful day with fabulous vendors, great crowds, yummy hotdogs and lovely weather!  After expenses we raised $962.22 for the AMFD through table revenue, hotdog sales and donations. 

Of course this goal couldn’t have been achieved without the help of a team of dedicated volunteers.  A great big thank you goes out to Brenda Arychuk for all her work on the media campaign.  Huge thanks to Elizabeth Dahabieh for organizing and running the concession.  As usual many thanks to Walter Zinowki and Don Hayward for all their hard work – weed eating the Centre grounds, hauling and setting up tables and the bbq, assisting vendors with set up when needed, helping with the concession and general clean up afterwards.  Walter also puts up and takes down the highway signs which can be a bit hazardous at times! 

I also wanted to thank Sandra Newfield and Jackie Dings for taking a shift at the barbecue and Joseph Dahabieh for helping with concession set up and clean up.  Thanks to Fire Chief Urs Grob for his support of the Market.  A big thank you also goes to Jo Chernoff from SUNFM for providing the music, to SUNFM for providing the Cruiser and advertising the Market.  I also wanted to thank my friends Cathy and Mark Sinclair for help with clean up.  Thanks as well to OMEI for their continued support of the Market. 

Hope to see you all next year! 

Sincerely, Alice Zinowki

Peter Humphrey

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