Osoyoos Mountain Estates Inc Land Use

Stan Teichroew

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  1. Edward Susie Williams says:

    Reference: http://www.rdosmaps.bc.ca/min_bylaws/bylaws/planning/consolidated/2451.pdf

    Cattle grazing is prohibited on CA zoned lands and only permitted on lands zoned: AG1, AG2, LH1, SH2, SH3, and SH4.

    “Cattle tenants” should never have been allowed to graze these CA zoned lands. Grazing cattle on sensitive land is far more environmentally damaging to land than any person walking, on horseback, or riding an ATV. People tend to stay on established trails, cattle do not, they also don’t limit their grazing in an areas that already has a very limited food sources for the wildlife living on the mountain. Come fall the cattle are collected and what little food is left will only cause stress to the deer, elk and moose trying to survive the winter.

    Reading this letter and knowing the history of cattle grazing on CA zoned land here on the mountain, I believe this letter is more about preparing the ground for grazing cattle this summer
    – even though it is not permitted as per the referenced bylaw and placing locks on the fences.

    In 2004 when purchasing my lot, it was with the understanding that I had full access to all this CA zoned land. Since OME has taken over, people are placing locks on fences and restricting access to the community while allowing cattle to graze. I don’t often use this land as crown land is readily available to me, however on occasion when out-of-town company visit it is nice to be able to bring them up to the tower to see the view. Restricting access is unacceptable.

    I would recommend that as a community there be some push back on this. This is land we have been promised access to – not only by Regal Ridge but also by OME. When ownership changed to OME, representatives stood in front of us and stated nothing would change with regards to CA land.

    On a side note, anyone want to take bets on cattle being placed on what OME is trying to sell as “natural state” land? My two cents…

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