March 2019 Letter from the AMCS President

February was filled with changes to the AMCS website, the webmaster and the email addresses of the AMCS executive directors.
Our new webmaster is Stan Teichroew who has taken over from Jim Gray. Please explore the new and improved AMCS Website and enjoy the changes: Members and non-members can now subscribe to get updates from the website.
New email addresses to note: (Jamie V. Wright) (Giselle Leclair) (Eileen Langlois) (e-transfers) (Stan Teichroew) (Stan Teichroew)
We wound up the “Live at the Summit Centre” Concert Series this season with our last concert March 2nd enjoying Papa Dawg’s performance. Great concerts again this year. Thank you to our Entertainment Chair (& Vice President), Giselle Leclair, for all her research, time and work in organizing the line-up and each event. Thank you also to everyone who volunteered tending the door, setting up & taking down chairs & tables, washing & drying dishes, vacuuming, operating the lights and all who helped cleanup and wash tablecloths. What a great sense of community when we get together.
There was a “Meet the Candidate” afternoon at the Summit Centre February 7th with Federal Conservative Candidate Helena Konanz and it filled the building with interested residents.
Remember that 2019 AMCS Membership dues notices have been sent out to members and advertisers and are due upon receipt. Thank you to all those who have paid.
Snow removal at the Summit Centre has been great this year. Thank you to James Paisley’s “Snowball Snow Removal” team.
Reminder of ENCOM test March 30th, 2019 @ 9:30 am:
Upon receiving the automated system call, people should phone their neighbours’ numbers assigned to them from the phone tree. Then when they receive the call from their area lead, peoples’ responses will be: “Yes, I have made my calls and contacted or left a message.” This will ensure the phone trees are working, in both the tests as well as in future emergencies.
Also, a “Good Neighbour” reminder to residents: Be respectful on your motorized snow machines and ATVs, regarding private property and no trespassing signs throughout the community. Everyone please be safe out there.

Jamie V. Wright
President, AMCS

Peter Humphrey

About AMCS

Building community involvement in the preservation and enjoyment of Anarchist Mountain's natural and cultural environment
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