Pet Poisoning

A resident on Peregrine Drive has reported the poisoning of a cat. The cat was taken to the vet where it died and poisoning was confirmed. Mountain residents are asked to not leave rat, or any, poison outside buildings on their property and to try to control the range that their pets roam.

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3 Responses to Pet Poisoning

  1. Hilary Cargill says:

    Where on Peregrine? We took our dog for a long walk there this morning and now
    He has
    Been vomiting several times

  2. Robin Arnfield says:

    I am so very sorry to hear about this.

  3. Ed Williams says:

    Many cats are abandoned on Anarchist as well there are hundreds if not more, feral cats. These abandon and feral cats will take care of your rodent problems if given the chance. Maybe spend your money on a bag of food vice a box of poison and your problems will be solved. Predation is a natural part of living on this mountain, poisoning is not.

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