Christmas recognition of our ARGO crew

Hello everyone.
 It’s that time of year again and we are taking up a collection for Tim Horton’s gift cards for the eight ARGO crew members assigned to the road maintenance of Anarchist and Sidley Mountain.
This is the fourth year we’ve done this and we can assure you that the crew really appreciates the gesture.
You may have heard that the new road maintenance contract has been awarded to a (large, well established, international) company by the name of Acciona. However, for us, only the managers will change. The crew and equipment will remain the same.
If you would like to contribute an amount of your choice, you are welcome to swing by our home, or we’re happy to come to yours. (contact info below)
We’ll have a greeting card for you to sign and add remarks if you wish.
Just before Christmas we’ll present the “Tim Cards” and the greeting card to the crew in Oliver. If anyone would like to come along, just let us know.
     Ken and Jamie Wright
     1128 Bullmoose Way
Peter Humphrey

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