911 – House Number Signs

Dear Residents of Anarchist & Sidley Mountain

In the past we’ve done two bulk orders of house number road signs. Those florescent green signs that you see on your neighbours fences, posts etc. to indicate their house number.

We are asking folks if they need a sign, since many new people have moved into the area since we last did an bulk order (in about 2015?).

The signs we have chosen are 12” long x  6” high with 4 “ letters. They are aluminum, with two drilled mounting holes. These show up very well at night as the numbers are florescent.

These are visible to your guests, and police, fire and ambulance services if required. We suggest GREEN as this shows up best in fog.

We will order these from a US supplier if we get 12 – 20 orders. They will be shipped to Oroville, and we’ll pick them up and distribute them to the neighbours that have ordered them.

Here are the specs.

They quote two prices…. but for the purpose of putting this order together we are going to use the higher price of $22 USD.   Shipping will be $35 USD for all the signs – so $2 / sign.

So we will use $24 USD x exchange of 77 cents ( 1.3) ~  $30 Canadian per sign (cash preferred when picking up your sign).

If you want a sign, email your request back to me  mckenney@vip.net         Indicate vertical or horizonal.    I’ll put you on our order list.  I’ll let you now if we get enough interest to order.

House No Horizontal

Horizontal 911 Address Sign
12 × 6″ with 4″ numbers
.063″ Double-Sided Engineering Grade Reflective Aluminum
2 Top Holes at 0.218″ dia. – Standard (hanging type, 1/2″ from top/1″ from side)
1        $19.45


House No Vertical

Vertical 911 Address Sign
6 × 24″ w/ 4″ numbers
.080″ Double-Sided Engineering Grade Reflective Aluminum
2 Side Holes at 0.218″ dia. – Standard (post mounting 1″ from edges)
1          $21.95

Thank you.

Mark McKenney, AMCS

(250) 495-4592

Peter Humphrey

About AMCS

Building community involvement in the preservation and enjoyment of Anarchist Mountain's natural and cultural environment
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