Vehicle Required for CANADA DAY FLOAT !

Canada Day is fast approaching. We are working on the theme of Life on the Mountain and you will be impressed with the imagination and dedication of our small crew that is growing daily to get this “show on the road”. We have even secured a baby owl to join us. The Anarchist Mountain Fire Department graciously and generously gave us permission to use Rescue111 as our Float vehicle but now we have run into a glitch.

Rescue 111 is going through a mechanical rebuild and unfortunately won’t be ready in time. Oh No. So, we are reaching out to you, our community, to borrow a licensed/insured vehicle for the Float. A vehicle – a passenger or panel/cube van,truck, motorhome, truck pulling a trailer, etc – that can accommodate two 10’ x 3’ long banners attached horizontally to each side. We also have a 4’ x 3’ Firesmart Community banner, Canada flags, and numerous smaller items. On Parade Day we’ll decorate the vehicle together in town at 8:30 am. So, if you have a vehicle that is suitable please give one of us a call very, very soon. Thank you.

PS  – to relieve any concern our AMFD has other fire trucks that are 100% up & running to respond to emergencies 🙂

Candy Anders                       250 498 7554

Debbie Dundass                                    250 485 8199

Laurie Cardwell                       403 909 2099