In followup to the FireSmart Awareness day; for those that expressed interest in purchasing Barricade Fire Protection Gel and WASP Sprinkler Protection systems; the FireSmart committee investigated options for purchase of these products.
BARRICADE FIRE PROTECTION GEL: In the past the Anarchist Mountain Fire Department coordinated a bulk purchase directly from the manufacturer; however the AMFD does not require more Barricade at this time. (24 kits to get the community rate) The best solution we can offer is for individuals to purchase these kits online directly from the manufacturer as follows:
Barricade International
US$474/kit (able to order single kits)
If a number of you are able to coordinate your purchase there is one company that does offer a small discount for orders of 4 kits as follows:
Primo Supply
US$464/kit or reduced price for bulk purchase of $436/kit (4 kit order)
The estimated shipping cost to Oroville is US$36.25/kit. We can assume there will be GST & PST costs to pay at the border.
W.A.S.P. SPRINKLER PROTECTION KITS: These kits are available for bulk purchase from the manufacturer but unfortunately we didn’t have enough interest for a bulk purchase. These kits are available through a number of Canadian retailers (see manufactures website) or can be purchased online directly from the manufacturer as follows:
Wildfire Automated Sprinkler Protection (W.A.S.P.)
Manufacturers list price CDN $154.99/kit
Another option for sprinkler systems is for individuals to build thier own system to suit their property and have available water supply. All the necessary supplies are available locally:
Nulton Irrigation; 5830 Sawmill Road, Oliver
For anyone that wishes to build their own sprinkler system the FireSmart committee can offer advise based on our personal experiences.
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