A resident’s barn was broken into on Long Joe Rd, last Friday (8th) or Saturday night and two chainsaws were stolen.  The theft has been reported to the RCMP. There is a scanty description of two persons ….. fairly short, and one had dark hair and the other reddish hair. See below.

The interesting thing about this is that earlier, two young guys came to their place asking for water for their radiator.  They had left their vehicle at the top of the long driveway and walked down, so my neighbour did not see the vehicle.  A second person on Long Joe Rd. on June 2nd encountered , a white Mazda pickup came down the driveway with two young guys in it, the passenger got out and asked if they could have some water for their radiator, as it was overheating.  They didn’t have any container for the water, and when the resident got some water, he questioned whether it was really boiling or not.  The young man made a feeble effort to get the radiator cap off but couldn’t.  They were told to go down the mountain and it should cool off.

These two were young men were quite scruffy in dress, and we think  the white beat-up Mazda pickup (1997-2000) was a single cab (not crew cab or extended cab).  Inside the truck there was a big gap where the radio usually is and mounted in its place was a large unit of some kind.

I understand that there was another theft in the past week, with some ATV’s stolen in the Peregrine area.

Keep your eyes open, report any beat-up white trucks, try to get a licence plate # and call the RCMP if suspicious characters are seen.

 Mark McKenney, President, AMCS

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  1. Nicola Accettura says:

    Thanks for the heads up. Nick

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