Bear activity in area

Just a heads up. We are in Bullmoose Court and had an early morning (3 am) bear visit. He/she got the BBQ and sent it down the hill after licking out the tray. Our mistake. But the more disturbing thing was she clawed through two layers of heavy plastic on the greenhouse. This is a first (three years, no issue) and there is absolutely nothing in there to attract her, as is evident by the fact that she only made a hole big enough to get her nose into. She is too curious.
Jill Penfound
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4 Responses to Bear activity in area

  1. Hilda Reimer says:

    there was also a bear sighted on Raven at 6:45 am May 19th

  2. Stefan Beckmann says:

    A sow and her cub were just below our patio on Sasquatch Point on Thursday morning. No troubles, just cuteness.

  3. Chris Despins says:

    We too had a bear visit at our building site, on Mule Deer Drive. Seemed to like the hummingbird feeder.

  4. anarchistmcs says:

    Last Tuesday, May 15th at about 10pm a bear tried to get into our BBQ and fortunately was not successful however the noise (sounded like an explosion) made by the BBQ when it fell on the deck must have scared him away, cover was left on!. Not sure if it’s the same bear that recognizes BBQs as a source of food? We live on Blacktail Court.

    Chris de Jaham

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