Community Cleanup Big Success AGAIN!

On Saturday, we asked residents to come out and help tidy up the grounds of the Summit Centre for 90 minutes. AS usual, we were blown away by the wonde3rful community spirit with about 20 folks showing up with wheelbarrows, rakes, weed whackers, rakes and most importantly with their smiles and good natured laughter.  What a wonderful sight to see our community digging in and getting our little community hall all tidy and ready for the months ahead.   We had a few newcomers join in…and I apologize if I didn’t get your names or didn’t get them recorded properly.   I was having too much fun whacking weeds!

Mark McKenney, AMCS President

 Joining in were: (If we missed you – our apologies)

  • Bernie & Eileen Langlois
  • Jim Gray
  • Ken & Jamie Wright
  • Urs Grob
  • Alex Giovanelli
  • Bryan Judd
  • Denis & Debra Thomson
  • Stefan Beckman
  • Mark & Ashley (Sasquatch) (Sorry don’t know your last names)
  • Florian Landry
  • Chuck & Gayle Harrison’
  • Mark McKenney
  • Jamie Soule
  • Rudy Reimer
  • Stan Teichroew


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