Suspicious Vehicle and Activity on Eagle Place May 1st, 2018

At approximately 1:30 a.m. on May 1st, some residents on Eagle Place were awakened by a loud vehicle. The vehicle sounded like it was travelling to and fro and up and down driveways.  The truck pulled into one homeowner’s driveway and departed when the lights came on and continued further up Eagle Place at a faster speed. The resident got in a car and found a truck in another neighbour’s driveway.  The female driver of the suspicious truck said she was trying to get to Osoyoos and was ready to knock on a door to ask for directions. A very suspicious claim when one thinks that she would have turned off a main highway onto a dark side street. Further, she drove away from homes when the lights came on and didn’t “knock” on the door. Neither Eagle Place resident couldn’t see if there was anyone in the back seat of the truck. One might theorize that the loud truck was driving around to see which houses are inhabited with the intent to come back later for those that appear to be vacant. One resident escorted the truck back to the highway.

 The following was passed onto the RCMP:

  •  Most of the information above.
  •  The truck details – early 90s, likely a Dodge, two tone with plate number AV 1659 or AV 6159. Too dark to see province.
  •  Female driver, Caucasian, late 20s early 30s, straight hair in a pony tail

 Everyone please be on the lookout for suspicious vehicles, noisy or not. If you are going to be away, have a neighbour check your home on a regular basis.

 We need to be diligent as a community.

 Mark McKenney, AMCS President  (250) 495-4592