Large White Dogs

Thursday morning as I was coming to work and running a bit late so possibly doing more than  posted highway speed, two large white Pyrenees type dogs jumped into my lane barking and grabbing at my tires! Not only did it scare me half to death as I didn’t see them coming, extremely dangerous to the animals and drivers on the highway. These animals continued to stay on the highway in both lanes and chased the vehicle behind me.

I’m sure all can see how dangerous this is. I do not know who owns these dogs but I would strongly suggest they are tied up before they are killed or cause an accident to people on the highway. These types of dogs are meant for roaming and protecting Ranch areas not meant to live next to a highway. Therefore the owners have the responsibility for maintaining control of these dogs.
If you know who owns these animals can you please pass along this information. As I do not want to be hurt or see anybody else or these animals hurt either.
If anyone would like to discuss this please call me at 250-689-0635.
Tracy Harfman
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One Response to Large White Dogs

  1. Lori says:

    Thank you for posting this. I have seen these dogs along the highway also. Dog owners must be responsible to keep their animals confined and safe!

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