Sunset- Blue Moonrise Snowshoe Good Friday, March 30

Blue, Super, Moonlit Snow Shoe at Timberwolf Road W5

Who?  All are invited!

What?  SnowShoe hike from Timberwolf Road to the summit of Mt. Gillespie to watch the sunset and moonrise.  This a straight hike up the mountain and back down the same trail.  It is quite a climb and takes about 1 hour each way, but if you want to stop and turn around part way there will only be one trail.  We’ll have a firepit for marshmallows, etc at Timberwolf Road.

Where?  Timberwolf Road.  Turn left on the second Sidley Mountain Road off Hwy 3 going east, travel 1km to the wolf statues and turn right.  2 km up and there we are.

When?   Good FridayMARCH 30 leaving the campfire at about 6:00.

Why?   Spectacular sunset behind the Chopaka Mountains followed right away by a stunning moonrise to light our way back down the mountain!  The last time there were two full moons in January and in March was 1999 and the next time will be 2037….19 years…. yikes I’ll be 82 so I’m into it this year!

Notes:   If you want to contribute some firewood, or marshmallows and roasting sticks, that would be appreciated.  Bring a seat, thermos of HC or?  Flashlights are okay for equipment problems, but are better left off during the walk.  Best to go around the block and park facing down the hill.

If you have further questions or need equipment, please call Dean at 250-446-2420.  There is no need to RSVP because we’re going.

Dean & Glenda Corbett