Small Grants

Dear Neighbour

Do you have an idea for a community project that we might be able to apply for a grant to fund?  Perhaps sidewalk lights at the Summit Centre?  Some more FireSmart equipment? Supporting our BBQ party in July? More tables & chairs for the concerts and Christmas Pot-luck dinner? What are your ideas?

Send your suggestions back to me, and we’ll consider applying for a community grant.  Deadline is April 4, 2018…so our deadline for consideration is March 21.

Mark McKenney, President, AMCS   1-250-495-4592



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1 Response to Small Grants

  1. Tracey Carnochan says:

    Just some thought re:small community grants. Might want to consider updates to the picnic area with the leveling and firming up of the ground (so chairs don’t sink in), construction of a pergola with sail attachments that would eliminate the need to set up large tent in area (which creates a safety hazard unto itself).Different tables and chairs to use in this outside space as opposed to bringing the ones utilized inside out. Lights along the sidewalk are a good idea. External storage.
    Development of a speaker series regarding many aspects of the area (flora, fauna, hiking, wildland safety) along with aspects of retirement (health, wealth, home maintenance) – there are probably great resources within the community to supplement external resources brought in.

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