EXTENSION: Are you driving to N. Vancouver?

Request for Pickup and Delivery of Packing Boxes  – Date extension and Location Drop off Options

Is there anyone who will be driving down to North Vancouver by or before February 4th who might be able to deliver about 50 packing boxes for me from Anarchist Mountain to a storage facility near Capilano Mall to be dropped off during office hours?  I will contribute $50 towards gas.

If more convenient I will have a rental SUV in the lower mainland as of February 2 and could meet the driver with my boxes at another location.  This also allows for more flexible hours outside of 9 to 5!

I have organized the boxes into two piles:  60cm x 115cm x 50cm and 1m x 40cm x 75cm.  See photos.  Maximum length is 1m. This is my friendly effort to be environmentally responsible and to recycle and reuse my paper products for my next shipping needs! even if you would only have room for one pile, it would be very helpful.  Thanks!

Please contact Natalie for further information at 250 495 5820.

After January 31st : 1 604 369 5135