Dear Members of the AMCS;

Our 10th Annual General Meeting will be held on Thurs. Nov. 30 at 7 PM, at the Summit Centre. We need 25% of members to be present or to have provided us with a Proxy to vote on their behalf for the meeting to be legally constituted, under the BC Societies Act.  If you can’t come to the meeting please consider providing us with your proxy so the meeting can be legal. We need to file each year with the BC Societies Branch to keep our Society status, reporting that we have held an annual meeting.

Attached is an announcement and proxy form (you can either fill out the form and return it by email or just email me ( with your consent.   Also attached is the Agenda for the meeting.   See you Nov 30th.

Mark McKenney, President, AMCS

AGM 2017 Announcement and Proxy

AGM 2017 Agenda

AGM 2017-Director Nominations