Follow Up – Suspicious Vehicle

Dear Neighbours,

Yesterday morning (Fri Nov 18) a neighbour on Whitetail reported that he observed  a ratty blue car (late model, small Plymouth , blue colour, BC Plate ET895A) on his road with 2 occupants. A native man and a young woman, they didn’t have a good explanation of why they were on Whitetail Rd.   They appeared incoherent, perhaps under some drug or alcohol influence – it was 8:30 AM.   Along with another neighbour from Blacktail Place, we pulled the vehicle out of the ditch. It was filled (I mean filled with big bags of used beverage containers… perhaps 1000 containers in the back seat and bulging out of the trunk). We photographed their license plate, told them people are watching and that we are having the police patrol our community regularly. They were out of gas, so we gave them a gallon of gas and sent them on their way.

We then reported this to RCMP with the license plate number. The RCMP had a report last night (Thurs Nov 17) about the same car (with the same plate #) on Falcon Place (10:30 PM) .  About an hour later Constable Stangel of the RCMP called me be back saying he found the car in Osoyoos, the containers were gone but hadn’t been brought to the bottle depot. He agreed they were probably stolen. He interviewed and warned the occupants saying to them that all the residents of Anarchist Mountain are on high alert watching and reporting suspicious characters. The police are running more checks on the car and the individuals. Cnst. Stangel commended the neighbourhood for being diligent, getting plate #’s and vehicle descriptions. The RCMP constable recommended that we all keep calling in our complaints and observations to the RCMP business number 250-495-7236. Good effort everyone.

Mark McKenney, President, AMCS