Severed deer head on Raven Hill Rd.

Dear Neighbours,

Well, it hunting season again ..and this time we have a nasty situation on Raven Hill Rd, where someone left a severed deer head on the road.

One of our neighbours discovered this rather gruesome scene on the street just up from their home. Another resident heard shots, and clearly a hunter or hunters were involved in this.

Remember that it is illegal to hunt within 200 meters of a residence. If you see someone hunting in your residential area – call the RCMP immediately. Raise merry heck and they will come up and  arrest someone. Hopefully there won’t be any more deer body parts left on our roads.

Mark McKenney, President, Anarchist Mountain Community Society


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2 Responses to Severed deer head on Raven Hill Rd.

  1. Barb Haskell says:

    So much for someone saying that no hunters are hunting in our development. Commented on Facebook: Osoyoos Loop…

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