Break-in on Anarchist Mtn.

Please be aware that another break & enter theft occurred on the Mountain last night (Sept 17).  A property off of Long Joe Road had a break-in and substantial personal effects, including a lot of shop equipment were stolen. The owner discovered the theft and reported it to RCMP today.

Neighbours have indicated that there is a description of a suspicious vehicle that was seen driving around a few days before this incident.


  • Older model Chevy ½ ton truck, two tone colour, predominant colour is blue & light blue (almost turquoise)
  • Noisy exhaust… sounds like a hole in the exhaust somewhere
  • 2 guys driving in this vehicle

If you see this vehicle cruising  in your neighbourhood, if safe, get a license number and call police to report a suspicious vehicle following a local break-in.

Keep your eyes open, and look out for your neighbours.

Mark McKenney,President, President, AMCS

Peter Humphrey

About AMCS

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