Almighty Summit Estate – Blues Performance Invitation

An Evening with the Blues

Ulrich & his wife, the proud owners of Almighty Summit Estate, invite Anarchist & Sidley Mountain residents to a unique performance of Detroit blues artists The Good the Bad and the Blues

These guys are performing at JoJo’s café after this performance. They have won many blues awards, and while in the area are guests at the Almighty Summit Estate.

Ulrich is inviting the community members up to see what they are creating at the Almighty Summit Estate, and what better way than with one of the top blues bands from the USA to help do it.

The band has been absolutely lovely to deal with, and are very grateful for all we are doing for them.


When:       Wed Aug 23 – arrival any time past 6 PM, performance will start at 7 PM (bring your own refreshments and food if you want)

Donation: (no tickets) made to The Resort for hosting the event, and possibly a donation to the band if inclined.  Anything along this line would be greatly appreciated.

Directions:  Take Hwy 3 east towards Rock Creek, around the Anarchist Summit sign, watch for Harfman Road, on the south side. There will be balloons marking the road & 2 blue flags, and a coat of arms on a sign. The address is 6130 Harfman Rd.   Turn onto the road, and follow it up the long hill towards the USA border.

See you Wednesday evening.   Sorry for the short notice, but we just got wind of this in the past day or so.

Mark McKenney, President, Anarchist Mountain Community Society 1-250-495-4592