Thanks Guys & Gals

Thanks to Ajai and Jack for the photos

Osoyoos Today Article:


Once again we want to thank our wonderful Fire Dept. for their fine work in keeping our community safe. Last night, at about 10:30 PM an aggressive wildfire was reported to 911, and our Fire Dept. responded immediately. Every piece of rolling equipment was deployed and all members of the Dept. responded immediately. The Fire Dept. was on scene within minutes of the Dispatch call.  Officers and fire teams were deployed to an area of about 10Ha (18 – 20 acres) about 1.5 KM below the View Point, below Hwy 3 and an adjacent a hay field and vineyard. Osoyoos Fire Dept. assisted and were very helpful in supplying water for the pumper trucks.

Members of the Fire Dept. did all the right things to get this blaze under control quickly. The Community ENCOMM team (Emergency notification) was available and did their communications work during the incident. Once again we say a BIG THANK you to the MEN & WOMEN of the Anarchist Mountain Fire Dept., and those other community residents that added a helping hand even though they are not on the Fire Dept.  These are the kinds of efforts that make living in this area a truly wonderful experience.  Fire Dept. members donate hundreds of hours every year to community service in training, first responder calls and fire fighting.   We want every one of you to know how grateful we are for that service.

Mark McKenney, President

Anarchist Mountain Community Society