Interested in a capella?

Hey Mountain music lovers:

I am interested in starting an a capella choral group up here on the Mountain.  I have spoken to Barbara Haskell, who has agreed, if there is sufficient interest, to be the musical director of such a group.  Interested singers do not have to read music, though it would be an asset.  We would be looking for men and women from all choral ranges from bass to soprano and everything in between.  All you really need is a passion for singing and a decent ear for music to join this group.

If this group happens, we would foresee meeting once a week at he Summit Centre for practice.  There would be a cost to the group for sheet music and the musical director, but this would not be prohibitive, especially if we have a large enough number to share the costs.

If you are interested please get in touch by email to me at

I sincerely hope we can make this happen.

Teresa Marty