Radon Gas Presentation last night

Dear neighbours;

Last night, we had a presentation from David Innes, and his colleague Daryl Richardson. David works for a company called Radon Environmental, who specialize in measuring and monitoring radon gas in structures, including homes. There were 32 residents that came out to the presentation. It was very thorough explanation about what radon gas is (it’s a naturally occurring radioactive gas that is emitted from rocks, resulting in radioactive health hazards). Some building codes consider measuring and mitigating radon – but I don’t believe our area’s building code did in the past, but it may have improved slightly in the past few years. Radon exposure has been confirmed as a cause of lung cancer if exposure is significant.

David explained why it may be wise to measure for radon, and that if found highlighted some of the measures that can be taken to remove it from a structure. David showed us several devices that detect and measure the levels of radon radiation present , and indicated that the hardware store devices that are available are known to be inaccurate. There are devices that his company sells that are much more accurate, which range in price from $40 – to $150 and considerably higher depending on whether the cheaper units detect the presence of radon in a structure. If high levels of radon are found there are things a homeowner can do to stop it from entering the structure. Radon in well water is another issue that should be considered, and there are ways of handing that as well.

There is one type of monitor that costs about $275; that will read radon radiation levels automatically. The device must remain in a building for 30 days then the readings recorded. It is fairly accurate ( + / – 15%), so it is good value for the money.  If residents wish the Community Society to consider purchasing one of these devices, to be loaned out (with some sort of charge to eventually recover the cost), we will consider purchasing one if there is enough interest and support from community residents. If purchased it would be made available to all residents to borrow. What is your view on that idea? (Email Mark at :   mckenney@vip.net    if you support or oppose this idea, or if you have other suggestions).

The website of this company is:  www.radoncorp.com

David Innes can be contacted to ask questions or get more information at:


Click here for the contact information sheet: slidecontact

We want to thank Reg & Nancy Forster and Gerry Pelle for bringing this potential health issue to the attention of our Community Society and to local residents. We also wish to thank David Innes and his colleague Daryl Richardson for this most informative evening.

Mark McKenney,President AMCS

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