AMCS Membership Drive


The Anarchist Mountain Community Society (AMCS) was created in 2008 to promote and enhance living here on Anarchist Mountain, and to act as a catalyst for activities and community building. We have much to be proud of.  It’s that time of year when annual membership renewals are due. Not currently a member? Wondering what it is all about? Click on this link AMCS Membership Info to learn of the many benefits of being a member.

If you have completed your membership application – thank you. If you are not a member and currently live on the mountain, you may be visited by our membership committee volunteers, Debbie Dundass and Candy Anders, in the near future.  Information on the benefits of membership will be provided to you.   Feel free to join on the spot.

Another option is to attend one of the upcoming free lectures on February 21 or 23 and speak with a membership committee representative, or any of the Directors of the Community Society. Applications with the accompanying membership fee will be accepted on both evenings.

We look forward to yet another magical year of life on Anarchist Mountain. Inside the information pamphlet, there is a membership application for your review and action.

Debbie Dundass & Candy Anders, AMCS Membership Committee

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One Response to AMCS Membership Drive

  1. Phyllis Kerfoot says:

    We own Lot 9 on Caribou Crescent – Due to a family death, we have been unable to visit our lot and are deliquent in our membership dues – Would you please let me know what is owing in this regard to date and I will mail you a cheque to bring us up to date. I will also need a mailing address for this purpose

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