Radon Gas presentation – Tues February 21, 7PM at the Summit

Dear neighbours…..

Radon is a naturally occurring gas that is found in many places where rock formations are common. This is a radioactive gas, that is a result of the natural decay of radioactive elements. Radon is not healthy to breath and if it is in sufficient concentrations can be harmful to health. Some residents have tested for radon and found detectable levels present on Anarchist Mountain. Some of these residents have taken steps to vent the radon from their buildings.

We are fortunate to have connected with two experts on radon gas, who will be coming to Anarchist Mountain to make a presentation to us.

The seminar we are holding will have experts to discuss what radon is, how it can accumulate in buildings, how detection is done, and some discussion of the remedies to vent radon gas.

Mark McKenney,President, AMCS

DATE:      Tues  February 21, 2017         TIME:    7:00 PM

LOCATION:     Summit Centre (Hwy 3 / Peregrine Dr.) 

Building Smart with Radon Mitigation

What You Need to Know to Build Right and Save Lives


Title:                    Radon Detection and Mitigation in New and Existing Homes. Learn about new technology detection and mitigation products to test and rid your home of this toxic gas.

Presenter:           David Innes, Director of Sales, Radon Environmental Management Corp.

Organization:     Radon Environmental Management Corp.

Email:                   david.innes@radoncorp.com

Website:              www.radoncorp.com

 Phone:                 888 527 4717


Radon is responsible for thousands of lung cancer deaths every year. It affects the indoor air quality in all buildings to some degree. The exposure risk can be prevented during construction and in the way we maintain our homes and workplaces.

Get the basic facts about this serious health issue. Discover new technologies in detection and mitigation, and learn about the latest developments Canada-wide.

Gain an understanding of what various Radon levels mean and what effect they have on your health and the health of your loved ones.