Radon gas & mitigation seminar

Dear residents,

Radon is a naturally occurring gas that is found in many places where rock formations are common. This is a radioactive gas that is a result of the natural decay of radioactive elements. Radon is not healthy to breath and if it is in sufficient concentrations can be harmful to health.

Some residents have tested for radon and found detectable levels present on Anarchist Mountain. Some of these residents have taken steps to vent the radon from their buildings.

The seminar we are considering holding will have experts discuss what radon is, how it can accumulate in buildings, how detection is done and some discussion of the remedies to vent radon gas.  Please lets us know if this is a session of interest to you , since the speakers will be coming from Vancouver & Cranbrook and we need to be sure of sufficient numbers before confirming with them.

Mark McKenney, AMCS President