Suzy Williamson: New Chair of the Summit Centre Committee

I’m pleased to announce that Suzy has agreed to take over my position as Chair of the Summit Centre Committee.

Suzy is our talented Yoga and Pilates instructor.  She leads well-attended classes at the Summit Centre each Tuesday and Thursday and has kept a close eye on the Centre since her classes began.

The role of the Chair:

  • Accepting and managing bookings, providing keys and orientation to those using the Centre.  Orientation includes info on how to respect and secure the Centre
  • Working with Committee members to ensure the Centre is checked at least once every 3 days
  • Working with Mark, our AMCS President, to schedule the Summit Centre cleanup parties
  • Monitoring supplies (cleaning, paper, etc.) and refilling when required
  • Presenting a report at the AGM

Current members of the Summit Centre Committee:

  • Walter Zinowki
  • Jim Gray
  • Mark McKenney

Suzy was a special guest at a board meeting on Jan. 10 to discuss how to better maintain the Summit Centre, given the increased use.  Decisions were made to hire people to maintain the inside and outside of the Summit Centre on an ongoing basis. Since that meeting, Suzy has been actively working to organize the work that is required.

To book the Summit Centre, please contact Suzy at or 778-228-2380. For future reference, this info will also be posted on the “Contacts” page.

A special thanks goes out to Suzy for taking on this responsibility.  She is one of many dedicated volunteers who help make the mountain a great place to live!

Patti Brazeau