Christmas token of appreciation to ARGO Highways

Again this year we are collecting for a token of the mountain’s appreciation of the ARGO Highway Maintenance crew. Last year, seven Tim Horton’s gift cards , in the amount of $40, were given to the Anarchist crew members and it was very well received and appreciated.
So if anyone would like to make a contribution, just phone or email us and we’ll be happy to swing by your home so that you can sign the Christmas greeting card.
 And if anyone would like to come with us to the ARGO yard, a few days before Christmas, to make the presentation, just let us know.
Happy Holidays and safe travels everyone.
Ken and Jamie Wright
1128 Bullmoose Way
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2 Responses to Christmas token of appreciation to ARGO Highways

  1. Margo Strouts says:

    Have to say, last night they were sanding up at the end of our Longview Road at around 23.30. Yes a thank you indeed is inorder.

  2. Bernard Brazeau says:

    Nice gesture but I think a little misguided. Argo employees have a service to provide which we pay for through our taxes. Yes it is comforting to see the plow clear the snow, salt and sand our winding hills. Just think of the truck driver sitting in his warm truck cab doing his job and then compare it to the innocent animals freezing in a crate at a puppy mill somewhere right here in BC. What about the children who will wake up Christmas morning without a gift. Women’s shelters that are always in need of just about everything.
    I’m sorry, I’m not s scrooge but I think you have set the bar for donations very low. Now I’m going to have to think about tipping the checkout girl at the supermarket. Let’s make our donations go to an existing worthy cause instead of dreaming up new ones.

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