Below is a report put together by neighbours on Black Tail Road. The subject is regarding radon gas which can be found up here on Anarchist Mountain. Radon gas is a radioactive gas that is not uncommon in many parts of Canada, where rock formations exist. If this subject is of sufficient interest to residents, the Society will look into organizing a talk by a specialist on the subject.  If that is of interest to you email Mark at mckenney@vip.net  .  The Company the Forresters used is Radon Environmental Management from Vancouver. They are not in the mitigation business, just specialists on radon gas.  Special thanks to Nancy & Reg for bringing this to our attention.


Mark McKenney, President, Anarchist Mountain Community Society, 1-250-495-4592

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1 Response to RADON GAS REPORT

  1. The latest BC Building Code requires all new construction to be fitted with a radon mitigation system (passive for now but required to be “fan ready”) under the slab. There is a very distinct North-South line through the Province of BC East of which radon mitigation systems are mandatory. Osoyoos lies East of the demarcation line. Older homes built before these rules became part of the Building Code may have a problem.

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