Letter to Ministry of Energy

Dear Neighbours,

As you know our electricity rates here on Anarchist Mtn are both unfair and outrageously high. Nick Marty is an retired energy policy expert, and he is leading the fight to the BC Utilities Commission (BCUC) to push for a more equitable electricity rate for rural customers like us. Nick correctly points out in the letter below that the Ministry of Energy has been misleading citizens with their comments about the rate structure. I applaud Nick for taking the Assistant Deputy Minster to task for his misleading and incorrect statements about the situation.

Many of us on the Mountain have submitted Letters of Comment to the BCUC and will monitor their review response. As next spring is election time in BC, we should all raise our vices loudly about these unfair and discriminatory electricity rates.

Bravo Nick…keep up the pressure.

Mark McKenney, President, AMCS  mckenney@vip.net

Click on this link to read the letter:  lettertoadmrefortisrcr