Volunteers needed in the Pavilion during the Rock Creek Fall Fair

I am looking for some volunteers for the fall fair in the pavilion.  The pavilion has the entries for home canning, baking, wine, kids, sewing, quilting, needle-craft and art.

Positions to be filled:

Clerks to help in the pavilion on Friday evening (Sept 16th7pm) and on Sunday (Sept 18th4pm).  The entries in the pavilion are judged on Friday evening.  The clerks mark down the judge’s results and set up the entries for display afterwards.  On Sunday, help is needed to take the entries down and hand them out to people.

Judges.  I need 2 people with sewing/craft knowledge to judge the sewing and needle-craft work.  And one judge for the canned fruits and vegetables.

Both shifts of volunteering are short, no more than 2 hours, usually less. (unless something goes wrong)

If someone is interested in a larger job…I am looking for someone to be in charge of the home canning section.  This person oversees the judging and setting up of the entries.  This position requires more time in the pavilion.  (Friday from noon until after the judging and usually around 2 hours on Sunday.

All judges and clerks will receive a one-day pass to the fair.  If you volunteer on both days, you will get a two day pass.

Come and join the fun.

If you are interested, please contact me at 250-498-9577 or kellermanjill@yahoo.ca



For more info on the fair go to http://www.rockcreekfallfair.ca/

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