1st Open Mic – Amazing!

Sunday night, the first “Open Mic” session was held at the Summit Centre.  I knew we had some talented folks up here when it comes to photography, astronomy, geology, business, etc. but I had no idea that we had so many folks musically talented.

We had 4 separate “acts” in 2 sets and in the end, everyone jammed together.  We had a nice audience and the whole night was a success.  You may want to consider coming out to the 2nd Open Mic, which I suspect Mark will schedule sometime soon.

Performing was:

  • North of 60
  • Boys in the Dog House
  • Dean Corbett
  • Robin Arnfield

You can click here to view a video of each performance on our YouTube Channel and I have provided some pictures below.


IMG_20160828_192747 IMG_20160828_194042 IMG_20160828_200152 IMG_20160828_202009 IMG_20160828_192211 IMG_20160828_192635 IMG_20160828_192743