23 Annual (interrupted) Anarchist Jam Music Weekend Concert Night

You are invited to our 23 Annual (interrupted) Anarchist Jam Music Weekend Concert Night


When?  6:30-? Saturday, July 23

Where?  Dean & Glenda Corbett’s New Home 1400 Kelly Road.  Turn north on the east Sidley Mountain Road, go 2km to the “T”, turn right onto Kelly Road.  Bear left, then right and take the long winding gravel driveway on you right.  Our brand (-1) and house number (1400) are on a big rock and in green on the tree.  http://cartographic.info/ca_street/map.php?p=bc&id=15435

Who? Concert Players featuring several talented groups and individuals from across the province.  North of Sixty (AMCS Group), Ice Cube Soup, Jack Godwin from Kettle Valley Brakemen, Doc Doherty from Doc and the Disorderlies, Johnny Corbett from Gypsy Fist and others, Jared Doherty from several bands in Kamloops, Karl Moser and Paul Borchert from the Four Corners and ????  Who’s invited?  Anyone who likes music.

What?  This is our 23rd Annual (Started in 1988, but interrupted for several years).  It is the culmination concert of a musical gathering of friends and neighbours who enjoy performing a wide variety of music for likeminded people.  It is a free concert with multiple groups so there may be a bit of set-up downtime between groups.  Be patient and visit with your neighbours.

Why?  It’s time to restart this great tradition.  We’re looking forward to seeing you!

In the event of rain (not supposed to), we have secured the Anarchist Mountain Summit Centre as a back up venue…Thank-You AMCS!!!

Extra Info:  We are a 4000 ft elevation and it gets chilly at night.  Bring a lawn chair, blanket and warm clothes.  Parking may be a challenge.  I’ve put the cattle in another pasture, you may have to park along the driveway and park so you’re facing back out (watch out for cowpies if you drive a nice car).

RSVP and/or questions by phone 250 446-2420.

Dean & Glenda Corbett