Small Fire – Extinguished

This morning the Anarchist Mtn Fire Dept. was notified by a diligent neighbour of a smoldering fire in the bush below Grizzly Rd / Grizzly Place.  Crews were dispatched promptly and were able to use the 4 x 4 ATV that the Dept. owns to access the area where the fire was in a wooded area. In all about 10 members of the Fire Dept. were part of this response. This fire was caused by this morning’s (Sat July 9) lightning storm with a strike which traveled down a tree to ignite brush at the base of the tree. The fire was quickly extinguished.

The Community Society wishes to thank our volunteer Fire Dept. for their quick and competent response. This is the kind of fire that if unnoticed can whip up into a major problem once the brush dries out, and the wind picks up. We also thank the neighbour on Grizzly Rd. that reported the fire. This is a reminder to everyone on the Mountain to keep your eyes open and report any smoke by calling 911. Calling into 911 is the best way to assure a speedy response. Keep an eye open for the next few days in case the lightning started any other smoldering fires.

Mark McKenney, President, AMCS 

Fire Below Grizzly