A report & thank you from Alice, organizer of Market on the Mountain

This year’s Market on the Mountain was another success judging by the number of people who attended, number of table rentals, and number of hot dogs sold!  We were lucky to have lovely weather too.  This year’s total raised is $602 ($370 in table rentals and $232 in hot dog sales) which will be donated to the Fire Dept – I’m sure they’ll put the money to good use.

I certainly could not have done this alone.  I would like to thank the following people who helped make the Market happen again this year:  Patti Brazeau, Faye Gerry, Mark McKenney, Heather Hayward, Elizabeth Dahabieh, Anarchist Mountain Community Society, Urs Grob, and the Summit Center clean up crew.  Special thank yous to Don Hayward and Walter Zinowki for all their hard work before, during and after the Market.  A huge thank you to Colin Grob for cooking all those hot dogs – about 140 in total!  I was also pleased to see how many residents came out to support the Market.

I am planning to organize the Market again next year and hope that it will keep growing.


Alice Zinowki