Power & Manual Pole Trimmers and Hand Pruner Available for Use from FireSmart Committee

Power Pole Lopper Available for Rent from FireSmart Committee

The Anarchist Mountain FireSmart Committee has purchased a Stihl gas powered Pole Lopper for the community members to rent and use on their property. This is an excellent tool for limbing your trees of low branches.

The HT 56 C-E is the newest addition to the Stihl pole pruner line up designed for occassional users. Featuring a 10″ guide bar, an overall weight of 14 lbs, and a reach of up to 13′ make pruning jobs quick and easy.

Expectations for usage:
1.    $10 daily fee for usage, this will ensure we have funds for routine maintenance.
2.    Return unit filled with gas (50 to 1 gas to oil  mix) and chain oil and clean.
3.    Renter will assume responsibility for proper use and any damages caused.
4.    Proper eye, head, ear and leg protection will be renters responsibility and strongly advised.  The rental of this unit includes a set of safety gear: helmet with face screen and ear protection, and a set of chain saw chaps for leg protection.
5.    Be familiar with the safe use of the tool as described in the supplied manual.
6.    To streamline the renting activity, please ensure a minimum of 24 hours notice is given.

To rent the unit, email Walter at zinowki@netbistro.com to check availability.

Pole Trimmer Protective Gear

Manual Pole Trimmer and Hand Pruner also Available for Use from FireSmart Committee

Email Walter at zinowki@netbistro.com to check availability.