Volunteers Needed: FireSmart brush pit program

Dear Neighbours,

You will recall that our FireSmart Committee has created a site for residents to bring brush materials for safe burning later in the autumn. Last year we had hundreds of loads dropped off…and had a very successful and safe burn of that material at the Wapiti Pit.   This is a very important program for our community because it allows for safe disposal and burning of brush supervised by the Fire Dept. instead of multiple small burn piles around the community.  That program will resume on Sat June 4th.

We need one or two volunteers to help our FireSmart Committee with managing the Wapiti Pit site. We will need two people each day the program operates (for 2 hrs). One to man the gate and one to supervise where residents dump brush and how it is piled.  We need to do a better job this year at piling the brush to maximize space and make the burning go more efficiently.

Can you volunteer 2 hrs on June 4 between 10 AM and Noon?

If so please contact Richard Douziech at rwdouziech@gmail.com  —- or any of the FireSmart Committee members listed below.

Walter Zinowki <zinowki@netbistro.com>; Chuck Harrison <galechuck@gmail.com>; Darren Hutchinson <dhutchinson@quintechfire.com>; Denis Thomson <denishthomson@gmail.com>

Mark McKenney, President, AMCS  mckenney@vip.net