Fort McMurray Disaster

Dear Anarchist & Sidley Neighbours

As you have heard Fort McMurray, Alberta has been devastated by wild fire, destroying or damaging well over 2,000 homes and businesses. The images on newscasts have been chilling as folks literally fled for their lives.

You may not know how strong the connection is between our community  and Ft. Mac. Not only do we have many neighbours here on the Mountain that own property or now live here who moved from Fort McMurray; but we have a close connection to the Ft. Mac Fire Dept. as well. That Dept. has donated thousands of dollars of equipment to our community through our local Fire Dept.  As an example our Rescue Truck (R111) was donated to us from that municipality along with other equipment that we use today.

The Anarchist Mtn Fire Dept. is going to send a $1,000 donation for the Ft. Mac Relief Fund administered by the Canadian Red Cross. Those funds will come out of the donation funds that our Community Society and others have provided to the Fire Dept., so the money isn’t coming from our tax dollars. The Anarchist Mountain Community Society is also providing $500; and three other donors have expressed an interest in providing $100 each (MGM Management, Harfman Aggregates, Darryl Baldock).

If anyone wishes to join us in in this donation, please let me know by email and we’ll add your pledge into the donation. Cheques should be made payable to the Anarchist Mountain Community Society.  We need to get our donation in by May 26th – to the TD Bank, who will match our donation , and the government of Canada will match that donation again.

Best wishes to everyone in Ft. Mac especially those with family & friends in that community.

Mark McKenney, President, Anarchist Mountain Community Society