Summit Centre Clean Up

1.5 hours & 13 volunteers = Neat & Tidy Summit Centre!

Thanks to the following residents who came out at short notice!  The yard looks great!

  • Mark McKenney
  • Denis & Deb Thomson
  • Walter Zinowki
  • Chuck Harrison
  • Patti Brazeau
  • Urs Grob
  • Don Hayward
  • Chelsey, Jason, Eden & Trinity Gray
  • Dale Kellerman
  • IMG_20160514_101829 IMG_20160514_101909 IMG_20160514_101931 IMG_20160514_101957 IMG_20160514_102240 IMG_20160514_102330 IMG_20160514_102516 IMG_20160514_101806IMG_20160514_113306_11CSIMG_1484


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2 Responses to Summit Centre Clean Up

  1. Teresa Marty says:

    Great work folks. Thanks to each and everyone of you. You make this community a better place for all of us.

  2. Well done! What a team. The place looks great! Thank you so much for your efforts. Hopefully, next year Alex and I will be around to help out!

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