Saturday 30 APRIL 2016 AT 9:00 AM Emergency Notification TEST

The Emergency Notification Team will be initiating the yearly test of the Emergency Notification systems at 9:00 AM on 30 April 2016.  The format will be the established format, where the Automated System is sent then the Phone Tree systems are initiated.

  1. The Automated System will send the Emergency Notification Test at 9:00 AM to all Anarchist Mtn and Sidley Mtn resident phone numbers and emails that are in the system.
  1. At 9:10 AM Area Leads will then start the Phone tree call outs in their areas.  Once each resident receives their phone tree call, they in turn are to do their phone tree calls.
  1. Area Leads are to provide feedback to the Emergency Notification Team of the success and/or changes required on their phone trees, by email.  The Emergency Notification Team will advise the Area Leads of the outcome of the automated system.