FOUND: Missing Dog – MILO

Milo has been found safe and sound!  Thanks to all!

Everyone please look out for Milo!  He’s a little Yorkie.  He jumped out of the car at 8:00AM this morning on Bullmoose and hasn’t been seen since.  He ran up a property heading towards crown land.  He has no collar or tags on.  His people have been searching for him all day.

If you see him call Claire at 689-4244 or Mark at 535-1590, even if he won’t approach you!

Thank you!!!!


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3 Responses to FOUND: Missing Dog – MILO

  1. Auntie Jean says:

    Milo. You sweet little miracle dog. So glad you’ve been found. Don’t you dare run away again! Love and hugs from Auntie Jean. ❌⭕️

  2. Stefan Beckmann says:

    Very relieved that Milo has been found safe. We spent last night searching for a while, but it is such a tough place to find a small dog.

  3. Mark Hillier says:

    Thanks to all who kept an eye open for Milo. We are thankful to have him back home. He is a real joy.
    Thanks again…Mark

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