Welcome to our newest resident!


I am pleased to introduce the newest resident to our mountain community.  Button is a 2 year old yellow, female Labrador and Sue Terada’s new Guide Dog.  Her first Guide, Pinta, passed away one year to the day of Button/Sue’s graduation!  Sue and Button have just successfully completed two weeks of training with staff from B.C. Guide Dogs.

“It is just wonderful to be out walking on my own again and having this new friend always beside me.  She is full of youthful energy and love.  Just what I needed to keep me going.  I am truly grateful for the generous contributions made to the school in order that she may be gifted to me”, says Sue.

Sue asks for your help by not feeding treats or calling Button’s name from your vehicle as you pass.  This encourages dangerous behaviour.  However, Sue loves to know who is passing and welcomes a chat anytime with neighbours.


IMG_20160310_172049 P1020373


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6 Responses to Welcome to our newest resident!

  1. Sue I am so happy for you and Button. Have a fantastic future together!
    Silvia & Fritz

    • sue T says:

      Thanks to both of you for making a home for Jenny. She was very happy with you and enjoyed your special meals. People like you make all this possible. from sue and button.

  2. Jean says:

    A match made in heaven! So happy for you Sue, and welcome to the neighbourhood sweet Button. (credit to you Patti for the lovely photos..you captured the special bond that’s already there)

  3. Dianne Hughes says:

    What a beautiful working partner for you Sue. Wishing you many happy years together.
    Dianne & John (Longview Rd)

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