Dear Members of our Community Society;

We had a great year in 2015, with lots of wonderful programs like our Fire Smart projects, our BBQ, our Silent Auction, our Market on the Mountain, our Emergency Communications and Notification (ENCOMM) program and more recently our Live at the Summit Concerts. What makes our community such a wonderful place to live are the people that live here. Those same people donate a lot of their time to committees and work parties to make things happen so we can all enjoy living in our community.

We have some big plans going forward. More concerts, the Market on The Mountain, our summer BBQ and Silent Auction, FireSmart programs, ENCOMM. We have also received word that the RDOS has granted us $40,000 to make significant upgrades to the Sasquatch Regional Park, including rejuvenating the pond at that location. This will allow us to pump water into that pond for recreational use and as an emergency water source for our community for fire fighting. That’s exciting, and an enhancement to fire safety when completed.

But the Community Society can’t do it on our own. We need your continued support and particularly we need you to renew your 2016 family membership dues of $50. Our Treasurer has sent out invoices for 2016, but only half of our members have sent in their dues so far. If you want the Society to continue its work for your community we ask that you consider renewing for this year; and doing it soon so we can forget about memberships and get on with programs. Our Board members are all volunteers and it takes a lot of time and effort chasing down renewals. A cheque made out to the Anarchist Mountain Community Society can be mailed or dropped off to me or to Teresa Marty. Thanks.

Mark McKenney, President, Anarchist Mountain Community Society

324 Grizzly Place

Osoyoos, BC , Canada   V0H 1V6