Snow Loads?

Is anyone getting concerned about the snow load on the roof of their house yet?


Jim Thorton, Sasquatch 

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3 Responses to Snow Loads?

  1. Dean Corbett says:

    Snow load code for our area RDKB Area E is 316 lb/sq foot. I believe the code requirement in the RDOS is slightly higher. We’ve lived here for 35+ years and had much higher loads than so far this year. I have never heard of a house roof failing due to snow loads even up here in the Bridesville area. I’ve seen plenty of very old barns and sheds fail though…even a newer quonset structure. I would not worry unless the snow builds up to about 3 feet followed by a rainy thaw. If you do choose to get up there and shovel, be sure you are safe on your roof.

  2. Dean Corbett says:

    Hi Again, I wish to apologize for my goof on the snow loads (316 was way out because of a memory lapse). I just checked and found that RDOS snow loads were amended in 2010 for Anarchist Mountain to 60psf.
    I got interested in this issue and also found that in our area RDKB it is 104psf (amended in 2013). I also looked up how much snow weighs. Dry, powdery stuff (like up at Baldy where we’re not skiing this year!@#$%) is about 7pcf, while heavy wet snow (like at the coast) can be over 20pcf. Thus 2-3 feet of heavy wet snow on your roof may pose a problem. If you are worried about snow loads, check your roof specs (the snow load should be written somewhere on you design plans), determine the consistency of the snow, and if it is really wet-heavy and gets over 2-3 feet, start to shovel!

  3. Jim says:

    Thanks for the info, Dean. Looks like we are OK for now.

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