First “Live at the Summit”

The first ‘Live at the Summit’ musical evening at the Summit Centre on Friday, November 20th, was a great success. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves and special guest Poppa Dawg who entertained us with his wonderful humor and blues music.

Thanks to Peter Ceravolo for bringing this idea to life, Debra Ceravolo for the promotions and sales, Mark McKenney for organizing the afternoon workshop with Poppa Dawg, also, Mark McKenney and Rudy Reimer for building the new stage at the Centre. Teresa Marty for the table and chair rentals that converted the Summit Centre into a fun club atmosphere and taking care of snacks and coffee and Brenda and Jim for helping set up.

We hope to have another ‘Live at the Summit’ early in the new year.Live at the Summit-3 Live at the Summit-1Live at the Summit-11 Live at the Summit-2 Live at the Summit-10 Live at the Summit-8 Live at the Summit-7 Live at the Summit-9 Live at the Summit-6 Live at the Summit-5 Live at the Summit-4