Poppa Dawg Evening – Nov 20

Dear AMCS Residents

As you know we are having our first “Live at the Summit” evening on Fri Nov 20th featuring blues performer Poppa Dawg. We are expecting to have a wonderful community party with live music and good friendship. We are fully “sold out” of tickets; but we want to ask anyone WITH a ticket that for any reason can’t make the evening to let us know so we can re-sell your ticket for folks on our wait list. We want to re-sell tickets rather than have no-shows.

If you can’t make the evening – please let Peter Ceravolo know that a ticket(s) is available, and we will resell it for you. (  peter@ceravolo.com  )

If this evening proves successful we will consider putting more shows on through the winter. Send us your suggestions for artists / genres of music that you would like to hear on the Mountain.

Mark McKenney, President, AMCS, mckenney@vip.net