Mailboxes on Bobcat

I spoke with Al, the manager at Post Office on Thursday morning.  Apparently the new boxes are ready and should be installed by approximately Monday.

Keys are available for pick up at the Post Office.

Candy Anders

Note from Patti, Webmaster:  We have had so many stories around this issue, who knows what to believe.  Gotta love Canada Post!  Anyway, Bernard picked up our keys at the main PO yesterday.  The little packet contained 3 keys.  We will all be located in new banks and boxes.

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One Response to Mailboxes on Bobcat

  1. Is there any chance that Canada Post will be establishing new Mail box sites throughout the area rather than just putting the bank of super boxes back at the same location on Bobcat?

    I realize that there are not a lot of people living on some of the developments yet but there are still enough to place 1 or 2 super boxes. I noticed in Saanich and Central Saanich they have placed 1 or 2 boxes along the country roads rather then several boxes in one location.

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