Mailboxes on Bobcat

Hi All,

Just to let you know, the super boxes on Bobcat have been removed by Canada Post and are under repair.  Not sure when they’ll be back but maybe today.


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One Response to Mailboxes on Bobcat

  1. Hi Patti: Thank you for posting the mail box situation. I called the Osoyoos P.O. this morning. The woman I spoke with said she had no idea the Bobcat Mail boxes were going to be removed and just found out this morning! She doesn’t know why we were not notified. She said they are going to be replaced with ones that are supposed to be safer. She doesn’t know when those will actually be installed. Until then, she said we need to go into the Main P.O. to collect our mail. The news was a bit alarming when we heard last night that they were just taken away without notice! Thanks for all you do with our Anarchist Site Patti. You’re awesome!! Happy Thanksgiving to you, Bernard and everyone up here on our mountain!

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